San Gerardo de Dota Map

How To Get There : San Gerardo de Dota Area

From San Jose viaTaras
If you are coming from San Jose take the Panamerican Highway # 2 south. After passing a toll booth and the exit to Tres Rios keep driving up the hill (Ochomogo) and once you are descending stay on the highway turning right and then straight ahead. You will find the exit sign on your left to Cartago downtown, (do not exit here). Keep instead driving straight towards San Isidro del General. You will see the sign with the name "S. Isidro Gral", which is the short term for that long name.
Continue the road passing el Tejar, El Empalme.From el Empalme continue the road to the highest point call "Cerro de la Muerte" or "Death Hill".

You will pass "Finca de Quetzales", which is a great place to see the famous Peace bird "Quetzal". At kilometer # 80 you will find the sign on your right to San Gerardo de Dota. Turn right and start descending on a twisted gravel road until you reach the lodges.
If you are heading towards San Isidro del General just continue straight ahead south on the Panamerican Highway.

** Advice **
Due to the high altitude and foggy conditions in this area, we strongly recommend driving this road during the morning hours only.