Alajuela / Poas Volcano Map

How To Get There : Alajuela / Poas Volcano Area

From San Jose
Take the Panamerican Highway # 1 north towards the airport. Once you have passed the Toll booth and the first street light take the exit to Alajuela just in front of the Airport and continue that road through Alajuela downtown. (See map of Downtown Alajuela #24 and follow the green route). Once passing the town of Alajuela you will start to climb the mountains and see the coffee plantations that will lead you to the Poas Volcano National Park.

If you want to visit La Paz Waterfall Gardens watch and follow the signs to Varablanca, Cariblanco, and San Miguel. That road will also take you to the Arenal area (See map of La Fortuna page 15) and to Sarapiqui. (See map Sarapiqui page 12)