City & Travel Maps of Costa Rica

Welcome to Costa Rica!

Useful Expressions & Phrases

Costa Ricans or “Ticos” are friendly people who will be delighted in showing their lovely country to visitors. Wherever you go you will find the locals to be a constant source of help, smiles, and information. Most of them do not speak English, but still they will help you in any way. If you make an effort to speak or say some words in Spanish, it will be a great way to thank them for their kindness.

Local Expressions

Great, terrific, life is good: ¡Pura vida!
cool, okay, great: tuanis
uncool, bad: mala nota;
buddy: maje
Costa Rican: Tico
San José: Chepe
coffee shop: soda
small store: pulperia

Road Signs
yield: ceda
stop: alto
danger: peligro
exit: salida
slow down: despacio
rock slides: derrumbes

Key Words & Phrases
yes: si
no: no
please: por favor
thank you (very much): (muchas) gracias
good morning: buenos días
good afternoon: buenas tardes
good evening/night: buenas noches
excuse me: con permiso; disculpe
how?: ¿cómo?
how many?: ¿cuánto(a)s?
what?: ¿qué?
who?: ¿quién?
why?: ¿por qué?
where is?: ¿dónde está?
I understand: entiendo
I don’t understand: no entiendo
I don’t know : no sé
I don’t speak Spanish: no hablo español
do you speak English?: ¿Habla usted inglés?
near: cerca
far: lejos
left: izquierda
right: derecha
open: abierto(a)
closed: cerrado(a)