City & Travel Maps of Costa Rica

Welcome to Costa Rica!

Safety Tips

Costa Rica is generally a safe destination but petty crime and thievery does exist. Please follow these simple tips and have a safer and more pleasant holiday!

1- Always carry a photocopy of your passport, leave the original in the safety deposit box at your hotel with any other important documents and/ or valuable belongings.

2- Change money only in the banks or at your hotel

3- When walking in the city, do not carry large sums of money or valuable jewelry. Be careful with important and expensive articles such as cameras, binoculars, video cameras.

4- If you use a taxi be sure to verify it complies with the established requirements, such as yellow triangles on the side doors and a taximeter in the front. If you are going out at night, ask your hotel receptionist to call a cab from a reputable company.

5- In the city / park your car in a parking lot, not on the street. Outside the city always park at well lit areas or at hotel parking lots only.

6- Never leave valuables in the car. Do not leave anything lying in sight.

7- Always keep your car locked.

8- Before any driving, study your destination and have a planned route of travel.

9- If you are told by a passing motorist that something is wrong with your vehicle or if you notice that you are being followed, do not stop. Drive to the nearest public area and if needed ask for police assistance.

10- The signals of emergency or police vehicles are blue or red, do not stop for flashing headlights alone.

11- If you are driving and you get lost, find a public place, such as a service station, check your flexi-map or ask for directions.

12- If your vehicle is bumped from behind, do not stop on the roadway or side road. Drive to the nearest public area and call for police assistance.

13- In case of emergency call one of these numbers:
Police 117 or 127
Robbery: 295-3272 (OIJ-Office for the Reception of Complaints. Open 24 hours.)
Health Problems: 911
Red Cross: 128

Follow these simple tips and you will return home with the best memories of our country!!